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Thoughs on Chum Salmons

Small Salmon

It’s the first time I write an article expressing subtle feelings in English. Though I have written some English articles before, it’s basically used to describe things more definitely or more professionally. And I know I can only vaguely express feelings with this language, so just like Leonardo’s reverse scripts, using my Chinglish to write an article is kind of trying to encrypt it. So I won’t blame if you were scared away by the 6 (maybe more) grammar errors appearing in this first paragraph.

Starting with an introduction to a specific kind of fish. The “Chum Salmon” in title, “Oncorhynchus keta” as the biological terminology, is a kind of migratory fish, which born at rocky small streams in cold zones in Northen US or North Asia, as the title picture shows. Typically their birth day is in Spring, latter when their first summer comes, they will swim along streams to rivers and finally to the Pacific and live their for arround 3 years, which is almost their whole life. After that they will go up along the rivers to streams, some place where they are born, to spawn there.

Spawning Salmon

This is amazing. I wonder if biologiests know how this happends, how such instinct is composed of. Do they achieve this by following routes in their memories, with the help of some build-in high resolution GPS system, or are they driven by some kind of hormone whoes secretion is highly and sentitively connected with temporature, fluid speed, and clearity of wator. What will happen to a group which is born in a specific stream and reclaim land from the stream when that group/generation of Chum Salmons are in ocean? Will they still heading to that the exact spot or will they went to similar places? Will they still spawn if they can’t find a place which is similar to the environment they stored in their childhood memory?

This is not another article but, my wife is 32 years old, me too. The world has experienced huge changes in this 32 years, even more in China. Old generations always try to help young generation with their experience on living, even though they use web and cars heavily, they think their experiences about making a living, about building a harmony family, about giving birth to child, about pregnancy-care should be the same, or more or less reusable. As the most responsible generation of this society, 30+s should be cruel neither to elders nor the youth. But if elders regard 30+s to have children as their source of happiness, there’s something cruel going to happen.

I feel driven by some instinction, though haven decided not to give birth to chidren in recent 2 years last year, I can’t stop keeping thinking of it. How to name such instinct? Like protecting next generation even before they are really exist? How can I consider to protect an not existing thing(child)? Just like I can’t picture wave-particle duality of light. I feel like being a Salmon going up the rivers, difference is I don’t exactly know where the stream is. Maybe just following distinct will make things easier, but it would be the last option.

Bears living along North Pacific beach need to store enough energy before hibernation, Chum Salmons choose to go to risky places in Autumn to spawn, some of them feed bears. Fishman in Amur River area setup net in Autumn, Chum Salmons also feed human. When they are going back from ocean, they are doomed not being able to witness next summer. Even not feeding human and bears, Salmons’ happiest ending also fall prey to the marvellous nature, they will die likely 2 weeks later after they spawn, they use their body to churn the rocks to bury their newly laid eggs in the their last days. No one has explained what they typically died from.

Dead Salmon